Care should be taken when using our changing bags as colour transfer may occur due to the natural dyeing processes. Avoid rubbing bags against fragile or lightly coloured clothing. We recommend you treat your changing bag with care and limit prolonged exposure to direct heat and sunlight, as this may cause the colour to fade unevenly. Keep the bag dry and avoid contact with damp and wet surfaces. Should your bag get wet, dry it as soon as you can with a soft cloth in order to avoid staining and rippling. Never use artificial heat to dry your bag. Special care should be taken to prevent scratching and marking; avoid placing the bag on rough or sharp surfaces. Do not use any chemical cleaners to care for this product.

Overfilling your bag as with any item over a period of time this can distort the shape of your bag and weaken the handles. The changing mat, bottle holder, baby organiser and small pouch can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Colour Variations – we endeavour to reproduce all colours as accurately as possible, however sometimes there may be slight variation to what you see on our website. This can be due to photography lighting, computer picture resolution and individual monitor settings.


Apply a small amount of a good quality non-coloured leather cleaner to a soft cloth gently rubbing in circular motions. Wipe away any excess with a clean dampened cloth. We advise you to test a small area first before applying your chosen leather cleaner.

Gently dry the changing bag with a clean cloth and allow the changing bag to air dry before using. We recommend you condition your Beau after with a good leather conditioner. Applying Leather Conditioner:Dampen the cloth with water before applying the conditioner to the cloth. Gently rub the conditioner into the leather until the entire leather surface has been covered. Use sparingly.

Make sure you read the label and manufacturing guidelines on all leather cleaners and conditioners to be sure that it is suitable. Due to the natural characteristics of leathers, changing bags may have slight marks and variations in the surface colour and texture. This should not be mistaken as a fault. These variations simply add to the unique appeal of the leather. The removable Beau organiser may be wipe-cleaned with a damp cloth & mild detergent or washed according to the following instructions.

Washing Machine:
• Set to delicate cycle and add the appropriate amount of detergent.
• Turn the Beau organiser inside out and place into the washing machine.
• Remove from the washing machine promptly to reduce creasing.
• Do not put in the dryer!
• Do not put the tote or bag in the washing machine.

• Lay Beau organiser flat on a drying rack, a towel, or hang to dry. 

Tips and Tricks:
• Hand washing will lengthen the life of coloured garments.