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    Eden Changing BagI just purchased the Eden bag from your website and absolutely cannot wait for it to arrive! I'm due in 6 days and hadn't bought a baby bag because everything I could find was either too cutesy and babyish or veered in completely the other direction and looked like a laptop bag on the outside.The Eden looks to be the perfect combination of stylish and practical and is definitely a bag I plan to use personally as a handbag and not just a baby bag.

    Thank you for creating such a lovely line of baby bags that let mothers express their own style, but still be prepared for whatever their little one needs!

    Follow Up

    I've been using the main portion of the Eden changing bag as my handbag for the past week and a half and adore it! I've gotten so many compliments on it as a handbag when I've been out and around and everyone is so surprised to hear that it's actually my baby changing bag. I'm a week overdue, but have the insert packed with all the newborn essentials I'll need to take with me to the hospital so I can just pop it straight it - it's already perfect and the baby hasn't even arrived yet!

    Bethany Wheatley

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