Baby Changing Bags

  • Designer Nappy Bags

    We produce luxury fashion Nappy bags that combine stylishness with functionality, enabling parents to power their inner fashionista without having to sacrifice the practicalities of a traditional Nappy bag. Whether a parent craves sophistication, fashion chic, or a touch of elegance, Babybeau’s designer collection caters for all.

    Black Changing Bag Black & White Stripes Changing Bag Black Patent Baby Bag

    The great aspect is our Nappy bags have more than enough room with plenty of pockets for all baby’s essentials, making it easy to find everything that you need.

    BabyBeau Nappy bags can be found in a range of colours, with a candy striped pattern detachable baby organiser so you’ll want to use the bag even after baby outgrows the nappies and bottles.

    Nappy bags don’t need to be boring and dull and neither do they have to be covered with babyish graphics.

    Sand / Brown Changing Bag Baby Organiser Tan Baby Changing Bag

    Think about your lifestyle and dress style before choosing a Nappy Bag. Our Nappy bags come in various styles like messengers, satchels which are great as they allow you to keep your hands free and are ideal for casual days out. Or you may prefer holdall or tote styles. Every BabyBeau Nappy bag is created from luxurious premium grade velvety soft cowhide leather. Our Nappy bags are designed to be stylish and practical making each bag easy to wear; dressed up or casual. Each removable BabyBeau pop-out organiser has enough room to hold all your babies necessities with plenty of space for all mummy’s extras.

    Brown Leather Diaper Bag Brown Baby Bag Bottle Holder and Changing Mat

    Accessories Included:

    Adjustable shoulder strap Leatherette padded Nappy mat Leatherette thermal insulated bottle holder BabyBeau dust bag

    Pop-out BabyBeau organiser: 2 stretchy side bottle holders 2 front stretchy mobile phone pockets 1 large front stretchy pocket for babies clothes 2 large back pockets 1 large back slip pocket with a button fastening for Nappy mat Zipped “keep safe” secured back pocket Leather key holder Zip pocket pouch

  • All About Nappy Bags / Changing Bags / Diaper Bags

    A nappy bag, as the name suggests is quite obviously a bag that stores nappies. However, most nappy bags have enough space for a wide range of baby accessories and have proved to be a wonderful solution for busy parents. A nappy bag is used to carry all the babies essentials from nappies, toys, medicines, bottles, snacks and anything else you might need to keep you and your baby comfortable. As a matter of fact, nappy bags are as important as nappies. An equally indispensable part of a baby's growing up years.

    Belle nappy bag                Nappy Bag / Changing Bag / Diaper Bag

    Over the years, nappy bags have evolved immensely and are now custom-made in a variety of styles and colours to compliment mum and baby on their day out. BabyBeau Changing Bags have been created primarily for convenience, our modern bags are a superb blend of logic and design, proving to be extremely functional as well as fashionable.

    Traditionally, nappy bags were bulky carry-alls, made out of plastic(meant to be leak-proof) with one huge pocket and several smaller ones. They looked outdated and highly unattractive. Now with our leather range of changing bags, our bags made out of a variety of quality materials with plenty of pockets.

    Coco Pink Baby Changing Bag

    When buying a nappy bag, remember that the most essential convenience the bag should have is enough space for a variety of products beyond nappies.

    Another thing to keep in mind would be the budget. Parents should opt for bags that suit their lifestyle and are more of an investment, a changing bag that can be used for any occasion and is most importantly timeless.

  • The Power Of Your Handbag

    If you have never known the true secret power of your handbag as a woman, then this article is for you!

    You see, the fact that your dress is not complete without your handbag shows that there is indeed some power attached to it. How much super power is attached to it you may ask? Well dear reader you are about to find out soon. You can find most ladies without other forms of clothing, but hardly without their handbags, especially when going to an important event.

    Some people say that ladies use bags due to the fact that they don't have anywhere else to keep their purse, cosmetics, make up etc. When you are a guy it's a lot easier to put something into your jeans pocket. Well why can't this rule apply to the ladies? Surely if they made better use of their pockets they wouldn't carry handbags. However, one size does not fit all, how often does your partner ask you to put some of his personal items into your handbag? Even though you may think a lady needs a handbag to put away items, like cash and additional things, women use bags as part of their outfit.

    Our outfits would simply not be complete if we do not carry our handbags. Plus this is not just any kind of handbag but the right handbag for the right outfit. From celebrites, first ladies or business ladies the most powerful women are never seen without their handbags. This certainly tells us that there is a world of power connected to a woman's handbag. So, you should never be found anywhere without your handbag, your handbag should always complement your dress.

    You should know by now that handbags absolutely contain super powers. Don't be surprised that it is one of the reasons why the men can't help staring, when you are looking fabulous from head to toe and carrying your handbag you have amazing powers!

  • Accessorizing with Leather: Great ideas to brighten your look with a Leather Changing Bag!

    Do you need some new ideas on how to glamourize your mummy wardrobe with leather accessories? Well BabyBeau has come up with fresh ideas to spice up your mummy style!

    Leather has been a favorite textile all over the world for thousands of years. It was used in England, Germany, France, as well as many other countries to make luggage, clothing, shoes, handbags, and other products as different cultures saw fit. The Indians used leather for their clothing, shoes, boots, jewelry, blankets, and homes.

    The Red Indians made their leather look more colorful and appealing to the eye. They added beads on their boots and shoes, colorful dyes decorated the outside of their teepees, and feathers ornamented their leather head dresses. They found many ways to accessorize their leather.

    Red Indian Leather Headdress Red Indian Leather Headdress

    Today we have become accustomed to using leather for many aspects in life such as handbags, purses, shoes, clothing, coats, hats, jewellery, luggage, wallets, and fanny packs. However as a mother, especially a new mum, it is not always so easy to choose what we will wear and carry that is practical for your baby's needs and your fashion style and comfort. Our designer baby changing bags all exude fashion flair, stunning colours, and soft luxurious leather, so there is much to choose from.

    Leather Fashion Trends on the Catwalk Leather Fashion Trends on the Catwalk


    Your mummy style may be easier to accessorize than you think! For instance, Nava comes with a detachable clutch style purse that can be worn with a casual evening look. Or a trendy handbag like our dusty pink Coco leather satchel will embellish your jeans and a tee. While our Kobe messenger will work well on an adventurous hike or to a theme park. Or how professional would you look carrying the Bethany sophisticated patent leather tote walking into a corporate business meeting. The way you accessorize your outfit says a lot about your personality.

    Nava Soft Leather Changing Bag      Bethany Patent Leather Changing Bag      Kobe Mens Messenger Changing Bag

    Another way to accessorize your wardrobe could be with leather jewellery, leather trousers, or a leather jacket. Leather is very stylish in todays fashion world and when you think about it, it has been for quite some time.

    There are many ways to use leather to dress up your day or evening look, whether at work or at play. These are just a few ideas on how to accessorize your wardrobe with leather.

  • 10 things a yummy mummy must do before the baby arrives

    A little preparation ahead of time will go a long way to help make life easier once you're at home with your baby. Here is a short guide on some of the things you can do before those waters break!

    1. Wash baby clothes, and equipment now so that everything will be ready for when you need it

    2. One of the best things you can do before your due date is to stock up your freezer with lots of healthy, home cooked meals so that you've got easy dinners you can just defrost, heat and eat- they'll be a real time saver once you're busy with your newborn.

    3. If you have a fire alarm or carbon monoxide monitor, remember to check that they're working regularly – once a week, ideally

    4. Purchase and pack your baby changing bag and hospital bag with essential items.  Remember Babybeau stock a huge range of beautifully designed luxury leather changing bags for mums on the go.

    5. Treat yourself to a makeover and haircut- you may be too busy for this once the baby is here.

    6. Get plenty of rest - you need all the energy you can muster for what's to come.

    7. Have a baby shower- a great opportunity to see your friends and to unwind.

    8. Visit a pre-natal class and brush up on breastfeeding, caring for your baby and preparing for labour.

    9. Go on a babymoon – book a short trip away with your partner and spend some quality time together.

    10. Write your birth plan- Writing a birth plan helps you to think about the type of birth you'd like to have, and it gives your midwife, birth partner and anyone else helping you during labour a clear idea of your preferences and wishes.

    Lastly, enjoy this moment now and record your feelings in your diary or baby book. Best of luck!

  • Help! I need to pack my baby bag!

    Having your hospital bag ready ahead of your due date means you'll be well prepared if your baby decides to make an early appearance.

    Although some of these items are pretty essential, others are more for comfort-but hey might prove just what you need during labour. They definitely worked for me! Also don't worry if you forget something or need extras-you'll have plenty of people volunteering to bring you whatever you need. Believe me, you are bound to miss something that you thought you wouldn't need.

    What to pack in your hospital bag

    Check-list: What to pack in your hospital bag

    • Labour is very physically demanding, so little things like a hair band, a flannel, some lip balm and a cooling water spray will make you feel more comfortable.

    • Your baby's essentials:nappies, blanket,socks,vest and clothes.

    • Mobile phone-make sure it's charged up and check whether you're allowed to use it inside the hospital. If you don't have a mobile, take some change for the pay phone and write down the numbers of your nearest and dearest if you don't know them off by heart.

    • Nursing bras and breast pads to help you through the early days of breastfeeding.

    • Change for the car park

    • Your birth plan and hospital notes

    • Two nighties-one for labour and one for afterwards, a dressing gown, socks and slippers.

    • Snacks that will keep your energy levels up, bananas, cereal bars and dried fruit

    • Your toothbrush, toothpaste and un-perfumed toiletries that won't hide your natural scent from your baby

    • Ready to feed formula and bottles if you are planning to bottle-feed (not all hospitals provide it)

    • Fruit juice, you may find you get a dry throat if you opt for gas and air for pain relief

    • Lastly, don't forget a blanket and car seat for your baby's first journey home.

    I left my hospital bag by my front door so I was able to grab it and go and was reassured that everything I needed would be found in one place.

    If you are looking for a suitable baby bag, I bought mine from BabyBeau as I wanted something something stylish, practical and hard wearing from birth and beyond. I am a massive fan of their products and they make the perfect gift for any mum to be.

    Guest Blogger: Raechel, mum to Konrad

    Babies & pregnancy at
  • The Baby Show - Earls Court

    BabyBeau partnered with Mums & Me - the daily-deal website for families - at this year’s Baby Show London to provide one of our luxury leather ‘Nava’ baby bags in an exclusive competition.

    Thank you to all those who entered.  We would like to extend our congratulations to the winner Tess who can be seen pictured here proudly modelling her win!

    The Baby Show - Earls Court The Baby Show - Earls Court
  • BabyBeau Changing Bags have Celebrity Appeal!

    Here at BabyBeau we knew that word of our collection of unique, sophisticated yet practical baby changing bags would soon spread. 

We spent so much time ensuring that all the features a fashion conscious mother would desire in a luxury changing bag were incorporated into every one of our lovely leather changing bags!

    Eden Luxury Changing Bag

    Therefore, we were not surprised when we heard that not only has BabyBeau become one of the hottest new trends for many mothers in the UK (including the gorgeous Hollywood starlet and Brit Sienna Miller), but the admiration of our leather changing bags has also spread stateside with American actress and style icon Tia Mowry tweeting a picture and confessing her love for her new BabyBeau Eden bag!


    Tia Mowry Baby Changing Bag

    Keep your eyes peeled for any future sightings of celebrity mothers carrying their BabyBeau designer baby bags on their arms and be proud to carry yours!

  • BabyBeau has teamed up with MyFamilyClub

    MyFamilyClub is a website that aims to help families with children of all ages save money on shopping, days out with the kids and family holidays. You’ll find tips and guides on money-saving and budgeting tips, where to shop and how to find the best deals.

    MyFamilyClub rounds up the best vouchers, offers, deals and discounts, and tells you where to find your household essentials at the best prices every week.

    Money Saving Tips for Families

    So where do we fit in? Well, BabyBeau will be offering exclusive deals on our products from time to time so keep a close eye on our partner page for exclusive deals, vouchers, offers and competitions. Why not join MyFamilyClub and start saving today! It's free to join, and you can start connecting with other parents straight away.


  • A versatile baby change bag for every occasion

    Here at BabyBeau we know the importance of looking good and that having a gorgeous baby in your arms is the joy of any parent. However, it’s not only the baby that can look gorgeous, mummy can too! 

Just look at the beautiful Jessica Alba, she doesn’t need a pushchair as she knows that baby Haven looks absolutely gorgeous in her arms and that babies enjoy being close to mummy!

Therefore, without the storage of a pushchair she needs a roomy, versatile changing bag.

    Nava Casual Baby Changing Bag

    Jessica Alba is often spotted with different styles of baby changing bags for different occasions and knows how to choose the right baby bag for each event. 

Take a look at our collection of designer baby bags and see our varied and versatile offering of stylish leather changing bags which will give the wow factor to your look for each outing.

 You can choose from many options such as the casual but adaptable Nava leather changing bag for that regular trip to the park with the children, to the sophisticated, dusty pink Coco for that special occasion such as a family christening.

    Have you ever been to a formal occasion and felt uncomfortable carrying a bulky baby change bag and felt it doesn’t fit with your outfit? At BabyBeau we recognise this dilemma so our changing bags ensure that you will never have this feeling again! We want mothers to always feel gorgeous and that's why our baby bags are exclusively designed to compliment your indivual style – casual or formal. 

Each of our changing bags look fashionable just like any other designer handbag, you wouldn’t even realise they are baby changing bags!