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  • A versatile baby change bag for every occasion

    Here at BabyBeau we know the importance of looking good and that having a gorgeous baby in your arms is the joy of any parent. However, it’s not only the baby that can look gorgeous, mummy can too! 

Just look at the beautiful Jessica Alba, she doesn’t need a pushchair as she knows that baby Haven looks absolutely gorgeous in her arms and that babies enjoy being close to mummy!

Therefore, without the storage of a pushchair she needs a roomy, versatile changing bag.

    Nava Casual Baby Changing Bag

    Jessica Alba is often spotted with different styles of baby changing bags for different occasions and knows how to choose the right baby bag for each event. 

Take a look at our collection of designer baby bags and see our varied and versatile offering of stylish leather changing bags which will give the wow factor to your look for each outing.

 You can choose from many options such as the casual but adaptable Nava leather changing bag for that regular trip to the park with the children, to the sophisticated, dusty pink Coco for that special occasion such as a family christening.

    Have you ever been to a formal occasion and felt uncomfortable carrying a bulky baby change bag and felt it doesn’t fit with your outfit? At BabyBeau we recognise this dilemma so our changing bags ensure that you will never have this feeling again! We want mothers to always feel gorgeous and that's why our baby bags are exclusively designed to compliment your indivual style – casual or formal. 

Each of our changing bags look fashionable just like any other designer handbag, you wouldn’t even realise they are baby changing bags!

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