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  • Coco Changing Bag Review

    It seems I have an obsession with red bags at the moment and this stunning dark red changing bag is my new love. It's a soft grain leather so amazing quality and the gold hardware just finishes it off beautifully. I have already gone through a few different changing bags since having Sienna and I often find I have to choose between the practical and stylish. This Coco red changing bag from BabyBeau is the perfect mix of both. It looks absolutely gorgeous yet is lightweight, spacious and can convert into a regular handbag if you ever have a child free day!

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    Coco Changing Bag _G1S3361

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  • What's in your changing bag? Review by Glam Bambini

    Coco Changing Bag - BabyBeau"First of all can we just take a moment to look at how gorgeous this bag is, it's made from luxurious soft grain leather and elegantly finished with gold hard wear. It is so soft and really makes you feel special, if your a handbag person like my self and a mummy it's definitely a must have. Coco is a versatile bag which can be used as a fold over slouch bag or a larger tote style. Inside there is a removable Baby beau organiser which is a separate bag in itself with numerous pockets and extras and the ability to add another strap so it can be worn as a handbag. The fact that the organiser is removable is genius, for mums on the go you can take baby to nursery or to whomever is looking after little one, take out the organiser out with all of babies essentials pass on to the carer and carry on with your day using your Coco as a handbag."

    Coco Changing Bag - BabyBeau

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  • The Styled Child

    Did someone say free stroller clips?

    We love working with mummy bloggers and this month we've teamed up with Alessia from The Styled Child. Why not visit her blog and take a read through her exciting journey. Also she reveals how you can claim 10% off plus free stroller clips.

    The Styled Child

     Coco Baby Changing Bags

  • Review of Ellie Changing Bag from Amy Antionette

    " If you're a handbag kind of girl, one of the more exciting purchases when you're preparing for the arrival of a baby is the changing bag. I knew my beloved Mulberry and Miu Miu bags would be taking a back seat, so I wanted to replace them with a chic changing bag which didn't look like a changing bag. Much of the bags on offer seem to be quite gaudy and bright, whereas I was looking for something both stylish and functional. The BabyBeau Ellie Changing Bag fit this description perfectly. I love the timeless design of the bag, which offers style and enough space to accommodate all the baby paraphernalia needed when a mum is out and about. "

    For £10 off enter AMY10ELLIE at checkout. At the end of the review Amy reveals a discount code for the Ellie Changing Bag. Read the full review here //www.amyantoinette.com/2013/09/babybeau-ellie-changing-bag.html.

    Ellie Tan Changing Bag Review
  • BabyBeau Ellie Changing Bag Review

    Here at BabyBeau our mission was to create luxury practical changing bags for modern stylish parents. If you've been looking for a great changing bag then take a look at this review by My Moody Mama blog.


  • Nava the Best Diaper Bag...

    482391_351461118306992_2108963718_nWhen I first found out that I was pregnant, I began my search to find a fashionable diaper bag. I decided that I was going to simply forego carrying a purse when I was with the baby in an effort to avoid traipsing around with multiple bags all the time. I thought I had done fairly well in my quest with the diaper bag I had been using for the first six months of my son’s life. Enter the BabyBeau Nava. Heavenly! This was a bag that could not only pass for a purse, but could continue to be used like a purse indefinitely once the kids are out of diapers! The fact that I had stumbled upon the answer to my prayers was confirmed when the young, hip, early 20s-something gal commented on my “fabulous purse” the first time I took it out. (You should have seen the look on her face when I told her it was a diaper bag. SCORE!)

    As I first pulled it out of the protective cloth sack that it came in, I immediately was struck by how soft and luxurious the leather felt. I was slightly concerned by how heavy it felt prior to putting any of my things in it, but once it was fully loaded, I realized that it didn’t feel too heavy. The thick leather straps help me to carry it comfortably, without any shoulder pain to speak of. The two shorter straps are the perfect length to fit over my shoulder, staying firmly in place without feeling too snug on my underarm, and the removable longer strap will be great when I am wearing my baby and need to be able to keep it away from curious hands.

  • Help! I need to pack my baby bag!

    Having your hospital bag ready ahead of your due date means you'll be well prepared if your baby decides to make an early appearance.

    Although some of these items are pretty essential, others are more for comfort-but hey might prove just what you need during labour. They definitely worked for me! Also don't worry if you forget something or need extras-you'll have plenty of people volunteering to bring you whatever you need. Believe me, you are bound to miss something that you thought you wouldn't need.

    What to pack in your hospital bag

    Check-list: What to pack in your hospital bag

    • Labour is very physically demanding, so little things like a hair band, a flannel, some lip balm and a cooling water spray will make you feel more comfortable.

    • Your baby's essentials:nappies, blanket,socks,vest and clothes.

    • Mobile phone-make sure it's charged up and check whether you're allowed to use it inside the hospital. If you don't have a mobile, take some change for the pay phone and write down the numbers of your nearest and dearest if you don't know them off by heart.

    • Nursing bras and breast pads to help you through the early days of breastfeeding.

    • Change for the car park

    • Your birth plan and hospital notes

    • Two nighties-one for labour and one for afterwards, a dressing gown, socks and slippers.

    • Snacks that will keep your energy levels up, bananas, cereal bars and dried fruit

    • Your toothbrush, toothpaste and un-perfumed toiletries that won't hide your natural scent from your baby

    • Ready to feed formula and bottles if you are planning to bottle-feed (not all hospitals provide it)

    • Fruit juice, you may find you get a dry throat if you opt for gas and air for pain relief

    • Lastly, don't forget a blanket and car seat for your baby's first journey home.

    I left my hospital bag by my front door so I was able to grab it and go and was reassured that everything I needed would be found in one place.

    If you are looking for a suitable baby bag, I bought mine from BabyBeau as I wanted something something stylish, practical and hard wearing from birth and beyond. I am a massive fan of their products and they make the perfect gift for any mum to be.

    Guest Blogger: Raechel, mum to Konrad

    Babies & pregnancy at Bounty.com
  • too cutesy and babyish...

    Eden Changing BagI just purchased the Eden bag from your website and absolutely cannot wait for it to arrive! I'm due in 6 days and hadn't bought a baby bag because everything I could find was either too cutesy and babyish or veered in completely the other direction and looked like a laptop bag on the outside.The Eden looks to be the perfect combination of stylish and practical and is definitely a bag I plan to use personally as a handbag and not just a baby bag.

    Thank you for creating such a lovely line of baby bags that let mothers express their own style, but still be prepared for whatever their little one needs!

    Follow Up

    I've been using the main portion of the Eden changing bag as my handbag for the past week and a half and adore it! I've gotten so many compliments on it as a handbag when I've been out and around and everyone is so surprised to hear that it's actually my baby changing bag. I'm a week overdue, but have the insert packed with all the newborn essentials I'll need to take with me to the hospital so I can just pop it straight it - it's already perfect and the baby hasn't even arrived yet!

    Bethany Wheatley

  • Why i love Coco

    Coco Changing Bag Coco

    I recently purchased the Coco leather changing bag from the BabyBeau range and all I can say is wow! I am a mother of two, but when pregnant with my first child I looked high and low for a stylish but practical baby changing bag but found it really difficult and in the end I just settled for a traditional monstrosity. Luckily this time round I found BabyBeau Leather Changing Bags, now I am going to be a stylish yummy mummy! Thank you so much for thinking of mothers in my position, the Coco baby bag is absolutely divine, the colour is what drew me and the fact that I can change it into an evening bag gives it an extra plus! This baby changing bag has everything I practically need as a mother of two young girls, however what I love is the fact that the changing bag has added extras just for me too!

    Bernadette Charles

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