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  • 10 things a yummy mummy must do before the baby arrives

    A little preparation ahead of time will go a long way to help make life easier once you're at home with your baby. Here is a short guide on some of the things you can do before those waters break!

    1. Wash baby clothes, and equipment now so that everything will be ready for when you need it

    2. One of the best things you can do before your due date is to stock up your freezer with lots of healthy, home cooked meals so that you've got easy dinners you can just defrost, heat and eat- they'll be a real time saver once you're busy with your newborn.

    3. If you have a fire alarm or carbon monoxide monitor, remember to check that they're working regularly – once a week, ideally

    4. Purchase and pack your baby changing bag and hospital bag with essential items.  Remember Babybeau stock a huge range of beautifully designed luxury leather changing bags for mums on the go.

    5. Treat yourself to a makeover and haircut- you may be too busy for this once the baby is here.

    6. Get plenty of rest - you need all the energy you can muster for what's to come.

    7. Have a baby shower- a great opportunity to see your friends and to unwind.

    8. Visit a pre-natal class and brush up on breastfeeding, caring for your baby and preparing for labour.

    9. Go on a babymoon – book a short trip away with your partner and spend some quality time together.

    10. Write your birth plan- Writing a birth plan helps you to think about the type of birth you'd like to have, and it gives your midwife, birth partner and anyone else helping you during labour a clear idea of your preferences and wishes.

    Lastly, enjoy this moment now and record your feelings in your diary or baby book. Best of luck!

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