Help! I need to pack my baby bag!

Having your hospital bag ready ahead of your due date means you'll be well prepared if your baby decides to make an early appearance.

Although some of these items are pretty essential, others are more for comfort-but hey might prove just what you need during labour. They definitely worked for me! Also don't worry if you forget something or need extras-you'll have plenty of people volunteering to bring you whatever you need. Believe me, you are bound to miss something that you thought you wouldn't need.

What to pack in your hospital bag

Check-list: What to pack in your hospital bag

• Labour is very physically demanding, so little things like a hair band, a flannel, some lip balm and a cooling water spray will make you feel more comfortable.

• Your baby's essentials:nappies, blanket,socks,vest and clothes.

• Mobile phone-make sure it's charged up and check whether you're allowed to use it inside the hospital. If you don't have a mobile, take some change for the pay phone and write down the numbers of your nearest and dearest if you don't know them off by heart.

• Nursing bras and breast pads to help you through the early days of breastfeeding.

• Change for the car park

• Your birth plan and hospital notes

• Two nighties-one for labour and one for afterwards, a dressing gown, socks and slippers.

• Snacks that will keep your energy levels up, bananas, cereal bars and dried fruit

• Your toothbrush, toothpaste and un-perfumed toiletries that won't hide your natural scent from your baby

• Ready to feed formula and bottles if you are planning to bottle-feed (not all hospitals provide it)

• Fruit juice, you may find you get a dry throat if you opt for gas and air for pain relief

• Lastly, don't forget a blanket and car seat for your baby's first journey home.

I left my hospital bag by my front door so I was able to grab it and go and was reassured that everything I needed would be found in one place.

If you are looking for a suitable baby bag, I bought mine from BabyBeau as I wanted something something stylish, practical and hard wearing from birth and beyond. I am a massive fan of their products and they make the perfect gift for any mum to be.

Guest Blogger: Raechel, mum to Konrad

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