About Us - Beau


My journey began in 2010... I was expecting our first child and on the quest to find a stylish, yet practical changing bag in time for the arrival of our baby. I knew exactly what I wanted, a fashionable changing bag that hid its true function, basically - a designer handbag that did so much more than simply look good! 

However, finding the perfect changing bag proved to be impossible. I desired a stylish leather changing bag with the bottomless practicality of the Mary Poppins' holdall - somewhere to store the never-ending newborn necessities of nappies, bottles, bibs and wet wipes. After scouring the web and trawling the high street I admitted defeat. Then, realising that I couldn't be the only mum-to-be who wasn't willing to compromise on style and functionality, I decided to design a range of changing bags that truly catered for the absence of fashion.

The idea was simple. To create luxury baby changing bags & accessories that combined style with functionality, enabling parents to fuel their inner fashionista without sacrificing their individuality. The idea was built around a core understanding that becoming a parent needn’t define your style. I had discovered a gap in the marketplace for a multifunctional changing bag - that did more than just serving its purpose, it looked great and enabled a life beyond the baby years. Through Beau, I’ve designed a collection of stylish changing bags that adapt to various lifestyles without surrendering fashion for practicality, enabling parents to have it all.”

Each baby chaniging bag has been meticulously designed to comfortably accommodate parenthood, whilst enabling parents to maintain their sense of style. By removing the baby organiser, each baby bag instantly transforms into a regular handbag, suitable for any occasion.